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Former government officials, engineers and data scientists on a mission to transform the $3T SLED Market.


Elle Hempen, Co-founder, The Atlas

Elle Hempen

Co-founder, The Atlas
Executive Vice President, GovExec

Ellory Monks

Co-Founder, The Atlas
Executive Vice President, GovExec

Angela Murrell

Co-Founder, The Atlas
Vice President, GovExec

Erik Caldwell

Director of Data Strategy, The Atlas

Grey Vugrin

Director of Web Engineering, The Atlas

Kate Spitzer

Data Engineer, The Atlas

Ken Haskell

Data Engineer, The Atlas

Vince Zell

Data Engineer, The Atlas

Allie Caton

Frontend Engineer, The Atlas

David Pitt

Backend Engineer, The Atlas

Alex Rader

Chief of Staff, The Atlas

Dave Macintosh

Executive Vice President, Data Sales, GovExec

Hilery Sirpis

Senior Vice President and Group Publisher, SLED, GovExec

Frank Salatto

SVP and Head of Growth Initiatives, GovExec

Leo King

Content Marketing Specialist, The Atlas

Beatryce Wynn

Content Marketing Specialist, The Atlas

Avery Guest

Sales and Marketing Operations Specialist, The Atlas

April Leman

Senior Marketing Manager, GovExec

Gregg Lowenstein

Director, Sales Development, GovExec

Sean Olin

Senior Director, Enterprise Sales, GovExec

Joseph Fuentes

Sales Development Representative, The Atlas

Erica Warne

Account Executive, The Atlas

Rachel Angulo

Content Marketing Manager, The Atlas

Gabby Manocchio

Community Manager, The Atlas

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