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MarketEdge helps us prioritize accounts that are in-market for the solutions we provide

Lynne Brockman, Black & Veatch

Prioritize In-Market Accounts

As an engineering, procurement and construction company with a global presence, established reputation and wide range of expertise, Black & Veatch teams faced the challenge of prioritizing which local government accounts to target with which solution.

MarketEdge helps Black & Veatch prioritize accounts that are in-market and interested in our solutions by delivering insight into what types of content and case studies the accounts are engaging with.


Target Local Governments Early

Through MarketEdge, Black & Veatch’s market insights team sees what topics are being searched by each account, providing critical information to their business and sales teams.

MarketEdge intent data informs their approach to prospects, identifying what subjects are top of mind so they can enter conversations more aware of how to pitch their capabilities in a manner aligned with the key challenges being faced by the municipality.


Develop Tailored Case Studies

The Atlas MarketEdge intent data helps Black & Veatch develop case studies tailored to a local government audience.

New, tailored case studies demonstrate Black & Veatch’s expertise in the state and local government market and build credibility with local government officials.

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