Accelerate SLED Sales

90% of SLED sales go to the company with the 1st seat at the table. Get that seat with MarketEdge.

Know everything about your target accounts, all the time

There’s no “one size fits all” sales approach to government accounts. Arm your reps with recent behavior data, budget data, local news stories and contact data for their account lists.

Be confident that your outreach will be relevant, timely, and well-received

You don’t have to settle for generic outreach – MarketEdge specifies which subjects your target accounts are researching from an ever-growing list of 3,000+ state & local government specific keywords.

Grow exisiting accounts and increase customer satisfaction

Track high-priority accounts – including recent online behavior of employees, news stories and RFPs – to identify cross and upsell opportunities.

Guess less. Close more.

Learn how Carahsoft, Verizon, GTY and Grant Thornton are leveraging MarketEdge to accelerate SLED revenue growth.

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